Tips for Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a unique material that provides warmth, vibrant colour, and an excellent appearance. Its surface is mainly coated in urethane that protects the material from wear and tear, but that des not mean you should not take care of bamboo flooring as well.

Bamboo is a perfect addition to your home if you know how to take care of it. Maintaining bamboo floors in a proper way, you contribute to an elegant look of your home.

Rules of regular cleaning

To clean such floors, you can use a vacuum cleaner. After running the vacuum cleaner, wash the floor. Use a cloth wetted with water and the squeezed dry, because it wipes up different spills and foodstuffs. To tell the truth, bamboo flooring is rather frequently exposed to moisture without any risks of swelling, raised grain or dishing, because bamboo fibers are impervious to moisture.

Try to use a cleaner that does not leave residue which inhibits re-coating and bonding. Opt for a clear-drying cleaner which does not require any rinsing. In most cases, this may be washing-up liquid mixed with clean water (better warm).

Never use floor cleaners that contain oil, grease, and heavy acidic chemicals. Make sure you checked the label before using the cleaner. If you do not trust popular floor cleaners, you can use a homemade solution: 1 part vinegar + 4 parts water. This mixture is quite effective in cleaning dirt.


Maintainance tips

1. Clean the floors every week to ensure a proper maintenance

Cleaning bamboo floors once a week, you will ensure their proper care. For a weekly cleaning, use a solution made of 1 cup white vinegar + 1/4 cup od water. The main benefit of this solution is the fact it does not harm the floor and never eats away the protective finish of the floor.

2. Do not use shoes inside your house

From now on, consider shoes to be the most harmful items on your bamboo floors. Together with shoes, you bring dust and dirt. We recommend you use mats ar doorways in order to wipe out your feet and take shoes off before stepping onto bamboo floors. Why not wear slippers to protect floors from dust and feet from dangerous items on the floor?

Avoid athletic spiked shoes and stiletto heels, as in this case the floor will wear down faster and will be much more susceptible to dents. If such shoes are work quite frequently, they will definitely cause enormous damage to the surface. – Golden Elite Group

3. Protect the floor from spills

Regarding spills, bamboo floors are much easier to maintain than laminate floors, for example. All you have to do is to take a cloth and clean the floor up. Dry the area with a towel and polish away streaks that appear as a result of moisture.

4. Protect from scratches

Forget about scratching the flooring when moving furniture, as after this you won’t be able to make is shiny again. Though too many people want to apply wax to bamboo surfaces, refuse from this idea. Wax results in additional problems, and in a few years of frequent use, your floor will look terrible.